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The 3-hour plan

Are you:
  • Pursuing a startup idea and in need of a better understanding of your customer, their problem, and how your solution drives your customer's outcomes?
  • Trying to start a business, but are unsure of key parts of your business model?
  • A corporate intrapreneur, asked to get people thinking in new ways, trying new tactics, or otherwise responsible for driving innovation at your company?
  • In a non-profit and having a hard time understanding how your work connects to the outcomes of your donors?
  • Working in a government setting, up against decades of processes that need to be reimagined?
  • In any setting, needing to understand the creation of new value for an end user or customer?
The 3-hour plan can help you make the critical "should we do it" decision in record time; reducing your risk of building the wrong thing or overbuilding the right thing.

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